The changing role of the Manager 2.0

The “new norm” of working from home is affecting everyone, and despite many organizations embracing this change and looking at this from a positive perspective, the one dynamic that remains a constant challenge is the management of people.

Work-life balance 2.0

For the same, working from how has also created many challenges for employees, less social contact, constantly being in the same environment (home) and spending more time alone can take its toll on the average person, coupled with the fact that many working environments have been affected by the global pandemic in a negative way, less work and less results, the negative impact is often absorbed by the individuals on the front line.

Work-life balance

Since the beginning of Covid 19, many people are working remotely and therefore most likely work from home, a healthy work-life balance is more difficult to maintain then back when everyone was in the office.

The changing role of the manager

Whereas prior to COVID-19 a manager could sit down with an employee whenever they wanted, it is now a lot harder to keep an eye on the wellbeing of employees.