Meet the Core Team

David Cives Enriquez

David Cives Enriquez

CEO / Founder

Recuitment Savvy - As the founder of Savvy Group, my goal has always been to disrupt the services industry with a variety of consolidated service offering never before seen in the FDI space by a single company. Whilst this is a work in progress, in an ever-changing global market. We have come a long way over the years in developing our service lines, and moreover, the unique Savvy company culture, where everyone can be themselves, open, honest and direct. I am privileged to work with such a dedicated team of professionals from whom I am also able to learn from.

Renier Verhagen

Renier Verhagen

Finance Director

Finance Savvy - Renier is just about the funniest financial professional we have ever known at Savvy, so much so, that he often laughs at his own jokes, even when others don’t. He is internationally focused, has a can do mentality, and nothing is impossible. If Savvy were to have a company mascot, he would certainly be a serious contender.

Dana Bruinenberg

Dana Bruinenberg

Payroll Manager

Payroll Savvy - Is our loveable resident payroll superstar, with extensive knowledge on local and international payroll subject matter, including but not limited to structuring comp & bens set up. Multitasking and communication are definitely her core strengths, and she brings Dutch directness to a whole new level.

Joycelyn Zhu

Joycelyn Zhu

Consultant China Desk

Immigration Savvy - Established the Savvy China desk three years ago and is consequently managing all inward related business from China and Asia Pacific. Joycelyn brings the oriental touch to our team, educating us on the finer things in life, from exotic rare teas to culinary delights we have never heard of. She brings new meaning to 24/7 availability and raises the bar very high when it comes to client experience.

Jodie Lee

Jodie Lee

Junior HR Consultant

HR Savvy -Jodie is our Chinese Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, with her ability to fluently communicate in Mandarin and Cantonese, whilst also having Dutch & English as her native tongue, Jodie is a HR Linguist rock star! She is the youngest in our team and still has the ability to teach her colleagues from time to time, absolutely priceless!

Samantha	Van Den Noord

Samantha Van Den Noord

Senior HR Consultant

HR Savvy - Samantha is our HR Know it all, or find it out quickly consultant. Even after all of these years in the business, she can surprise the best of us with her witty remarks, charms & HR knowledge.

Moving round the office seamlessly with the apparent wings given to her by the daily Red Bull first thing in the morning. She definitely gives as good as she gets and even after a short time with the team, it feels as if she has been here forever…

There is no valley too deep or mountain too high, she will always get to the finish line, and often with finesse and style.

Naomi	Visser

Naomi Visser

Senior HR & Payroll Consultant

HR Savvy - Naomi is our hybrid HR & Payroll rock star, she has an insatiable appetite like no other for her career, clients and Friday Sushi!

With her “on the ball” client management skills, her contagious motivation with colleagues and inquisitive ability to turn around just about any situation, she has not only brought her own flavor to the team, but also added another cultural dynamic…

Her unique philosophy of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” keeps us all very sharp at the office!

Yanik	Gomersbach

Yanik Gomersbach

HR Consultant

HR Savvy - Yanik is the latest addition to the HR team, our rising star out of Rotterdam, questioning the status quo and making his mark on the Savvy team.

He has the quiet sniper sense of humor, often with his hit-and-run comments, or the occasional jaw-dropper…

The funniest moments are when everyone expects him to come at you from the right side, and he then takes a sharp left with the perfect amount of misdirection and that Casanova smile.

Linda Creemers

Linda Creemers

Legal Counsel

HR Savvy - Linda came to us many years ago with a wealth of knowledge and experience in employment law, she is our resident legal counsel, who can assist with the broad strokes of employment and contract law. Linda has the ability to see through the most complex matters, whilst thinking outside of the box and making us all laugh at the same time, she is a Stella member of our team and a sparring partner to all.

Agnes Aupers

Agnes Aupers

Certified Pension Consultant

Pension Savvy - Agnes is our Certified Pension & Insurance rocket scientist, she has the unique talent of translating the most complex of things into kids play, which we all love off course! Furthermore Agnes is our knowledge rock, there is little to nothing she does not know in her field which is very scary… Thank you for the constant ongoing teachings Agnes!

Richard	De Bie

Richard De Bie

Director International Tax

Tax Savvy - He is our cross boarder tax specialist, with more years of experience than he would like to admit within the international tax arena, he has been around the block a few times. Richard has a talent for breaking down complex tax issues into palatable and easy to use information; his ability to communicate at different levels of an organization is definitely a contributing factor to his popularity and ongoing success.