No one is us, and that’s our power.

When I started Savvy in 2010, I wanted to be different, disruptive, innovative, professional, and transparent; I wanted to offer clients and the international community a fresh perspective at business.

My core goal was to create a working environment whereby I and anyone working with me could simply be themselves and the reality is that as people, we often spend more time with our family in the office, than we do with our families at home. And therefore, it is paramount that we can all be our natural selves with all of the good and bad things that come with this.

I started Savvy with the intention of providing specific tailor made services to our clients, because no client is the same and every client wants perfection, albeit their definition of perfection. The early idea behind Savvy was to put a team of subject matter specialists together, and let them loose on the international market. We often have trouble saying no to our clients which is why we have had no other option but to grow the team diversely and according to our clients wishes, in a demand driven modus for years.

We have reached this early goal within our young ten years in operation and now continue to push the boundaries of what is possible whilst maintaining our boutique style firm look, feel and above all personality. Savvy continues to adopt more service lines year on year, when we are fortunate enough to find the right knowledge and personality that fits the unique Savvy team.

Savvy’s ecosystem exists today thanks to the loyalty of the Savvy team and it clients. I am very proud to be working with the Savvy Team who challenge me on a daily basis, remind me of how great we have become together through team work, and basically keep me grounded with razor sharp humour.

I am equally as proud to be servicing our international community and our client base, many of which have taken the opportunity to expand their business into Europe via the only real European gateway, The Netherlands.

Nobody is perfect and as we continue to grow, we continue to learn and pass on our experiences to our clients too, we create value for the international community sharing our experiences and consulting based upon our in-depth knowledge of the markets, local and international regulations and specific company strategy.

We are Savvy, and we are here for you.

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