Payroll & Salary Administration

Our Certified Payroll team can provide you with complete local and international payroll administration and support; both remotely and on location depending on your organizations requirements. Our payroll experts can advise you on all related matters in the Netherlands, whilst also coordinating your European payroll requirements too, with a single point of contact.

We can assist you with the A to Z of payroll, from the straight forward salary administration to the more complex payroll structures, which include implementing international factors such as 30% tax ruling, tax free relocation allowance, WKR calculations, shadow payroll etc.

Our international payroll team can process your payroll administration remotely from our own office or in-house on location at your offices. Depending on the structure of your organization it can often be useful to have a payroll specialist onsite for couple of days a month or a few hours a week, we are flexible to your needs & can scale with requirements both short & long term.

Dana Bruinenberg
Payroll Manager

Our Netherlands based team also coordinates our European Payroll efforts in 22 different European countries, making our service offering quite unique.

What we can do for you:

  • Assisting with the most tax efficient way to structure your payroll, together with comp & bens
  • Outsource and in-sourced payroll solutions
  • Management of expenses, holiday and sick leave with a single system
  • European Payroll solutions for Branch organizations and Limited Liability Companies
  • EOR Payroll Solutions for local & international professionals
  • Shadow payroll solutions for inter-company transfers
  • Payroll structuring and re-structuring
  • Payroll analytics and reporting
  • Cross boarder comparative payroll analysis
  • Registration with local tax authorities
  • Full compliance with all relevant Payroll legislation
  • Digital pay slips accessible 24/7

What clients say about us

Finance Savvy has managed the set up of our financial reporting system in Amsterdam which will eventually be rolled out across Europe, I would recommend them to any company setting up in the Netherlands.

When we came to the Netherlands, we were introduced to the Savvy Ecosystem, we have not looked back since, the integrated services solutions of HR and Finance have enabled us to set up quickly and effectively, with an option to scale up on short notice. Furthermore we have been given an extensive insight into the local market which has helped us considerable with our clients in the Netherlands.

Unique, personable, proactive, flexible, international and very hands on, this is how I would describe the Finance Savvy team. No doubt we have a established a European business partnership with one of the best in the field.

Finance Savvy immediately understood our local requirements without loosing sight of the international financial and fiscal implications… With their open source system we are able to access data 24/7 from the US, this is really a very refreshing and transparent way of working.

As a U.S. company opening up overseas we were very pleased with the professional support,
local market insight and guidance – both solicited and unsolicited – that you and your firm gave

This company was introduced to Savvy very early on in the process of investigating how and where to best setup business in Europe. The advice we have received from Savvy, from the early stages of implementation all the way to present day, has been invaluable for us being able to establish and operate a successful business in Europe.

Recruitment Savvy has been retained by this USA based company expending to European market to assist us in looking for best staff to fill our new European office. Not only they have provided an exceptional service in selecting the very well fitted candidates for our company, but they have assisted in networking with other local companies. I was very impressed with the quality of staff selection David Cives and his Recruitment Savvy team has assembled for me to interview. All selected candidates met or exceeded my expectations. The experience of working with Dave and his team was excellent. We continue maintaining great professional relationship. I highly recommend Recruitment Savvy as a very, responsive and attentive professional recruitment company. I would like to highlight as well that Dave and his team served as a great reference to local and European labor market and labor laws.

When, shortly after the opening of our Amsterdam office, we decided to open a small office in France, Savvy became equally critical to our business, taking over management of the books and records and the payroll processing in that country as well. Savvy’s assistance is critical for me in ensuring that we stay in compliance in jurisdictions in which we are not expert. They fill this role effectively and efficiently, and I look forward to continuing to partner with them in these regions as well as in new countries when and if such a need arises.

We have been working with HR Savvy in the Netherlands for that last 18 months seeking clarity on nuances in Dutch employment law versus UK.  Savvy are always detailed in their response and willing to help and support our managers when difficult conversations need to take place.

Savvy Group truly is a one-stop shop. With a highly talented, friendly and professional team assisting with every aspect to support the admin and financial running of our business, Savvy Group has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy company.

Working closely with the team at HR Savvy took the stress out of relocating for myself and my team, meaning that our company could get to the Netherlands and start focusing on the business opportunity from the get go. HR Savvy worked with us as part of the team to ensure we all felt comfortable going to them with any concerns or Questions we had about HR, or life in general in the Netherlands. They helped us with salaries, pay roll, visas, accommodation and property advise as well as much more! HR Savvy have access to all the right information and specialist experts to quickly help you with anything that comes up related to relocating to the Netherlands. They truly are a one stop shop for you and your team who are happy to guide you through as much of the process as you want so that you can focus on the rest of the business.

Whether you are looking at moving a whole business unit, or just one a single staff member, I would highly recommend speaking with HR Savvy to make transfers as quick and painless as possible.

HR Savvy was instrumental with their guidance and knowledge when setting up our entity in the Netherlands. In particular, we utilised their support and HR services, focusing on relocation and visa applications.

They provide prompt and accurate advice and we rely on their expertise to ensure we are compliant (with Dutch tax and statutory payments) in the Netherlands.

We look forward to continuing working with HR Savvy for the foreseeable future.

Doing business with HR Savvy is always efficient and productive. As a multinational company, we work closely with several HR service companies worldwide. Most of our providers take weeks before providing us with a reply. HR savvy gets back to us within 1-2 working days. For us this time response is crucial since we operate in a fast running business environment.

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