As you might know, in order to compensate employers for problems they face because of the corona crisis the government decided last year to increase the free space of the work-related expense scheme (WKR) to 3% over the first €400.000 in total fiscal wages.

Entering the Netherlands in times of Covid

As a knowledge migrant (or family member of a knowledge migrant) you could relatively easy enter the Netherlands once you had acquired your residence permit.

Travel Allowance

A fixed travel allowance that was in place before March 13th 2020 can now continue to be paid tax-free until July 1st 2021 regardless of the workplace of the employee.

Getting vaccinated

With different Covid vaccines on the rise, it is becoming more likely that you and your employees must decide whether you want to get vaccinated or not.

Salary requirements and IND fees 2022

The IND fees for Knowledge Migrant Visas for 2022. In 2021 this fee was set at €320,- for each application and extension, in 2022 this is now raised to €345,- for each application and extension.